Vision Consulting Group Has Successfully Completed a 4-day Training to EGBANK

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E-Payment industry is an important field that #banks are giving more and more attention to, not only from a business level, but also at the #operational level.

Vision Consulting Grou, a member of Allinial Global, has successfully completed a 4-day training for the EGBANK Card operation team through our education and training arm (#VCGAcademy).
The training (How to Run an Effective Cards Operation?) was delivered over a period of 4 days to the Card Operation staff to be followed by a one-day onsite #advisory support to cover a full review of the bank’s Cards operation process.

The program was delivered personally by Marwah Nassar , who has made the training an effective program that benefited all the recipients.

We would like to thank the L&D, the operation team and everyone from the bank who really made this event a success and we look forward to additional success stories with the bank.

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