Bookkeeping, Financial Accounting & Reporting

We support our clients in:

  • Full Book-keeping services including keeping accounts using advanced Automated Tools and Accounting Software.
  • Preparing Statutory Arabic Legal Books of Accounts as stipulated by the Local Laws & Regulations.
  • Preparing Financial Reports in accordance to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Egyptian GAAP (including and not limited to full Financial Statement Package, Special Reports and more).

Payroll Outsourcing & Support

  • Payroll outsourcing is getting task done thru an external service provider. We provide Payroll to our clients, no more over whelming from in-house payroll we can take care of your payroll processing needs.
  • Payroll Compliance services cover the compliance cycle, from pre-departure counseling (for Expatriates), income tax return preparation and tax reconciliations, to correspondence with tax authorities.
  • Employment tax services, Identify and resolve payroll and unemployment tax issues early.
  • Day-to-day assistance on all payroll and payroll-related issues.

VAT Reporting

  • Review the monthly Sales Reports as issued by the Company’s Financial Department.
  • Review the monthly Purchases Reports as issued by the Company’s Financial Department.
  • Review other monthly reports related to the VAT filing.
  • Ensure accurate VAT Debit/Credit balance that should be reported.
  • Verify and report any unusual VAT treatment in both the Sales & Purchases reports.
  • Summarize the VAT reports and prepare the draft VAT Return.
  • Upload the VAT return at the VAT Authority platform after approval by the Company’s Management.

Business Development Advisory

  • Prepare Product Business cases with profitability analysis.
  • Provide full suite of Data Analytics with KPIs and reporting.
  • Offer Full Business consultation (Internal control, Customer Care solutions, etc..).
  • Support with Incentive deal Management.
  • Offer sales staff outsourcing & recruitment service.

Business and Operational Review

  • Product Proposition full review.
  • Conduct operational process day-to-day Audit review with best practices.
  • Provide professional opinion for the best in class card center process.
  • Support with different Automated Workflow solution.
  • Provide Internal control process review.

Training, Learning & Capacity Building

  • Provide Basic & Advanced industry-related Training courses to your staff.
  • Provide off-the-shelf and Customized training including a full overview of your products.
  • Offer Specialized courses to Call center, Sales, Operation staff.
  • Offer training in specialized subjects (Internal control, CRM, accounting, etc..)

Project Management

  • Offer full Project Management services (E2E).
  • Support with card migration projects including the insourcing.
  • Implement new technologies and ideas (QR payments, B2B, mobile wallet, etc.…).
  • Provide Full SLA & contract Review to Third Party, suppliers and vendors.

Budgeting & Strategic Planning

Budgeting lies at the foundation of every financial plan. Clients need to know where money is going if they want to have a hand on the finances. Unlike what one might believe, budgeting isn’t all about restricting what money spent on and cutting out all what could be spent. It really about understands how much money one has, where it goes, and then planning how to best allocate those funds to the company’s best interest. Our aim is simply making sure that Client’s spending is less than it brings in and planning for both the short- and long-term.

[mk_custom_list title=”Strategic Planning techniques :”]

  • Market Analysis, Competitor Analysis.
  • SWOT Analysis.
  • Mission, Vision & Strategic Objectives.
  • Strategy Map & Balanced Scorecard.
  • Key Initiatives to Reach the Strategic Objectives.
  • Business Roadmap.


Feasibility Studies

We assist our clients in assessing the commercial and economical feasibility of the prospective projects as well as preparing the capital budgets, financial best estimates and projections. We help our clients to achieve the right deal, at the right time and for the right price.

[mk_custom_list title=”Our approach is systematic and using structured techniques:”]

  • Market Assessment.
  • Market Analysis.
  • Trend Analysis.
  • Financial Projections.
  • Strategy Plan.
  • Regulatory & Compliance Framework.
  • Operational Plan.
  • Financial Feasibility.


Merger and Acquisitions (M&A)

  • M&A remains one of the fastest means to corporate restructuring and expansion. Merger refers to joining two or more entities in one legal entity. While Acquisition, is where a targeted company(s) to become part of the Acquirer by a way of control.
  • We assist our clients in determining proper grounds of selecting the proper Target which achieves purposes of the deal such as Synergies, Growth, New Markets, Advanced Technologies, Market Share, Talents Acquisition, etc.)
  • We use Systematic Techniques to assist the Buyer to investigate, locate and eventually acquire the Target.
  • We carry out Financial & Tax Due Diligence Techniques to the Targeted Company (representing the Buyer’s side), where we offer best practice resulting from a long standing M&A experiences.


Helping clients (Non-public) in estimating the Fair Market Value (FMV) of their Assets including valuation of Tangibles: such as Machinery, Equipment and other Assets as well as Intangible such as trademarks, know-how etc.), through our Partner Firms who are licensed by the Government to act as Valuators.

Corporate Finance

  • Corporate finance is primarily concerned with maximizing shareholder value through long-term and short-term financial planning and the implementation of various financing strategies.
  • We assist our clients in almost everything from capital investment decisions to investment banking falls under the domain of corporate finance.


  • We assist our Clients in the overall process of attracting, selecting and appointing suitable candidates to one or more jobs within an organization, either permanent or temporary. The term may sometimes be defined as incorporating activities which take place ahead of attracting people, such as defining the job requirements and person specification, as well as after the individual has joined the organization, such as induction and on boarding.
  • We, also assist our clients in choosing individuals for unpaid positions, such as voluntary roles or training programs.

Virtual Office

We provide Virtual Office Services to clients where we provide the facility to hosting their office address at our place which simply helps clients to reduce unnecessary traditional office costs while keeping the office place for statutory purpose with us and run the actual business from somewhere else!.

Automation, Business Process Management & Workflow

  • We collaborate with world-best-class partners to assist our clients in the following specialized areas.
  • Digital Transformation: the technology and expertise to enable a true digital transformation. And we know how to optimize legacy systems to drive down costs and reinvest savings into digital services.
  • Business Process Consulting: BPM experts is available to develop and manage programs specifically designed to accelerate the productivity of your company.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing an increasingly critical role in the success of the modern organization. More and more tasks that were previously handled by data management professionals are being tackled by intelligent machines today.

E-Invoice Service

  • VCG is willing and ready to support and implement your E-invoicing digital system for compliant Tax reporting the thing that is expected to help your organization in becoming compliant with the Tax Authority mandates.
  • Through our E-invoicing platform, we offer a fully integrated solution that is capable to work with your current accounting solution regardless of whether it is on a well-recognized ERP system or on an Excel sheet.
  • Our team of professionals will be working closely with you to implement technical steps …

Tax Compliance

[mk_custom_list title=”Tax Compliance represents all daily best tax practices at the Tax Authorities. This involves applying our long-standing expertise of our executives to carry out the following transactions, including but not limited to:”]

  • Company Registration at the Different Tax Authorities (Corporate, VAT etc.…).
  • Full Compliance with Laws and Regulation with respect to the preparation and filing of Statutory Tax Returns / Reports (on Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly basis).
  • Full representation on behalf of and /or hand in hand with our clients at all Tax Audit phases, making sure that high quality tax audit & special techniques are applied and quick responses to both Tax Authority & Clients’ needs and requirements are satisfied alike.
  • Applying top quality expertise regarding Tax Litigations & Disputes Resolutions, where our clients’ best interest is fully monitored, focused and taking care of at all levels of the litigations before Tax Authorities as well as Courts.

[/mk_custom_list][mk_custom_list title=”The above Tax Compliance services include:”]

  • Corporate Profit Tax.
  • Payroll Tax.
  • VAT.
  • Stamp Taxes.
  • Other Indirect Taxes.


Tax Planning

  • Tax Planning is all about the art of using very special Tax, Legal and Financial techniques that help in managing our clients’ tax risks with special care and focus underpinning the concept of providing proper tax solutions to optimize their tax positions and cost. This must involve full understanding of clients businesses and surrounding risks.
  • We use our accumulated experiences in Domestic Laws, Regulations, Double Taxation Conventions experiences & awareness as well as our global tax knowledge & connections to address our clients’ cross borders tax issues for their tax optimization.

Special Tax Services

  • Given the rapidly changing worldwide businesses and economies, the need for special Tax Services (such as Tax Due Diligence, Tax Restructuring, Transfer Pricing and others) are becoming core elements of our clients day-to-day needs, where we focus on internal and external factors affecting our clients’ business which entirely might create the need for restructuring potential business unites, subsidiaries, branches, segments of products, etc.
  • Our aim is to assist our clients to analyze, find out and create cost effective solutions that satisfies the current and future tax needs of the clients.

Legal Services

Due to the fact that the Legal practices and systems in Egypt are quite complicated in terms of technicality and paperwork, hence, Legal matters need to be handled with a unique quality of expertise as well as high degree of professional due care.

[mk_custom_list title=”Our Legal Professionals are proud to serve our clients in the following specialized Legal Areas:”]

  • Companies Formation / Setting up foreign Branches.
  • Labor Law Practices.
  • Commercial Law Practices.
  • Civil Law Practices.
  • Liquidation.
  • Receivership and Insolvency.
  • Special Legal Services (Debts, loans and Credit cards Collection).
  • Social Security (for Employees, Casual Staff and Construction.
  • Trademark Registration & Listing.