Collaboration Between VCG Academy & Basata Company

Last few weeks ago we marked another successful achievement with one of Vision Consulting Group’s key clients; Basata Company, where we started a series of training courses that are dedicated to BasataPay team members on the occasion of launching the Card Payment Acceptance at their merchants and Agents, those courses are delivered by Mrs. Marwah Nassar as part of our VCG Academy programs.

Enabling Card payment acceptance at BasataPay merchants will add value to the current +100 services that are offered on those POS.

Vision Consulting Group would like to thank all the people from Basata Non Banking Financial Services who were behind not only this milestone, but also are working on merging smoothly BEE and Masary’s into the new Giant (Basata). Looking forward to additional successes.

VCG at Allinial Global, Istanbul Global Forum 2023

How #ai impact the Global Commerce was the theme for this year Allinial Global Forum 2023.

Vision Consulting Group Allinial Global exclusive member in #egypt, is delighted to participate in this year Global Forum that took place in #istanbul, where #winningtogether is always our objective.

Over the 3 days event, we covered multiple important topics that have direct impact on Driving Global Commerce through #AI .

Key people were present to give their insights on how AI, #dataanalytics and #cybersecurity are Reshaping the Business.

The Professor Terence Mauri Keynote about how AI, #automation and #sustainability are amongst the most influential factors that are reshaping the Business.

A full session on The importance of Data Analytics Transformation in #accounting , #Audit and #businessservices was very informative to show us how overlooking these new technologies can reduce #productivity, client delivery times and #professionalism.

Growing and Winning Together in #advisoryservices has become a critical component to our Business and the fastest-growing business line in our industry. Showing how the digitally driven approach helped businesses to build a robust advisory services practice.

As the AI revolution accelerates, there are high hopes and new risks to content with. In her keynote, Susannah Streeter, identified the “animal spirits” driving financial markets and the beasts we should beware of in the shifts in the economic and political landscape, while considering also the risks of AI and the effect of changing prices on consumer behavior.

Staff was another critical topic that was covered, while showing how upskilling your staff for AI and Data Analytics is a critical topic to consider in the current talent shortage. Organisations should seriously work on empowering their staff to be ready for this new technology and become a #cyber-ready person whether working for companies or banks.

Identifying Areas where a #business might benefit from Adopting #technology is an important step that organisations need to take towards success including what the process looks like in terms of changing management and how to effectively blend the right people, processes and technological solutions to get the right results aimed.

Thank you Allinial Global for all the efforts you have done to organise this exceptional event with the participation of all these Global members.

Vision Consulting Group participated in “Fill the GAP” – Egypt Business Solution Summit

“Fill the GAP” was the 2nd Egypt Business Solution Summit that took place in Cairo on the 6th of November.

The Summit was very informative with the presence and the participation of key people: H.E. Amb. Soha El-Gendi, Minister for Immigration and Egyptian Expatriates Affairs, H.E. Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment, Mr. Bassel Rahmy, CEO and Managing Director, MSMEDAEG, Mr. Rashwan Hammady, CIB Egypt, CEO Retail Banking & Financial Inclusion, Dr Dalia Abdel Kader, CIB Egypt, Chief Sustainability Officer and more.

To continue our support to the #SMEs and #MSMEs segment, Vision Consulting Group Allinial Global member, is honored to participate yearly in such an important event aiming to tackle the challenges facing the Business owners and how business solution partners can help in filling the GAP through a multiple discussion sessions:
1- Sustaining SMEs: Climate Finance for Growth,
2- The Radar: Retail Market Scale up,
3- Bridging the Gap to Financial Access,
4- Fintech is the future of empowering the business community in Egypt,
5- Smart Exit,

Being a certified service provider for MSMEDAEG customers, we invite you to visit our page on the portal to know more about our services.

Thank you Egypt CSR Forum for arranging such an event.

Vision Consulting Group Has Successfully Completed a 4-day Training to EGBANK

E-Payment industry is an important field that #banks are giving more and more attention to, not only from a business level, but also at the #operational level.

Vision Consulting Grou, a member of Allinial Global, has successfully completed a 4-day training for the EGBANK Card operation team through our education and training arm (#VCGAcademy).
The training (How to Run an Effective Cards Operation?) was delivered over a period of 4 days to the Card Operation staff to be followed by a one-day onsite #advisory support to cover a full review of the bank’s Cards operation process.

The program was delivered personally by Marwah Nassar , who has made the training an effective program that benefited all the recipients.

We would like to thank the L&D, the operation team and everyone from the bank who really made this event a success and we look forward to additional success stories with the bank.