Another Milestone in Professional Development.

We are proud to announce the completion of a series of online training courses in partnership with #visa for #sudanese and #Libyan banks staff in the #paymentindustry business, which will be complemented with a face-to-face workshop in Cairo by our partner Mrs. Marwah Nassar
The objective of the program (How to become a payment Expert) is to help the #banks get the training they need to be successful in running their #Visa business as well as to deepen their understanding of the #paymentecosystem.

Our interactive training was built and designed to meet a variety of needs across different functions in the banks to help them build and evolve their card business, drive business growth and improve the card performance across multiple products (#VisaGold#VisaPlatinum#VisaSignature, and #VisaInfinite).”

We want to extend our appreciation to all who contributed to this new success…

Vision Consulting Group VCG
Ahmed Mohey Gurdeep Kaur Ayssel Maher @hamida Ibrahim Mohamed

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